The shop is closing for the year on November 21st at midnight and reopening day is tba, 


Candles inspired by books, it was meant to be

Shop Announcements:

Starting in 2020 the shop will be divided into three month terms, the first term being January, February and March. 


I will add 24 candles (sometimes more) to the shop per term. At the end of each term they'll be taken down and the next term's candles will be added. This allows me to focus on a limited amount of candles at one time and also allows me create plenty of stock to pull from.

Since I didn't make any announcements about this before the shop closed for the 2019 holidays, mostly because I was still undecided about this, every candle that was in the shop prior to closing will be making a reappearance at some point during the year.

Thank you! 

Term four candles: October 1st until November 21st

A few of Our candles


All of our candles are made with 100% soy wax and the best quality fragrance oil available. They are made in small-batches where they are hand-poured, hand-labeled and then packaged with care to be sent to their new loving homes.


My current processing time is 5-9 business days. If you need your order sooner please send me an email at


I've always loved falling into a story and letting the details sweep me away but sometimes it can be difficult to imagine a scent (especially one you've never smelled before) so that's why I created Burning Bright Candle Co, to hopefully bring these fictional worlds a little closer to reality. 

I love every candle I create because I love every story that inspired them. I hope you love them too. 

Best Wishes,




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